The Science26 insole is used by Podiatry, Physiotherapy and Sports Science professionals to treat heel pain, Achilles injuries, shin and knee pain.

The Science26 insole is the distillation of more than 30 years of clinical experience at Europe's largest School of Podiatry.


Key features of the Science26 insole:

  • Proven to reduce foot pronation
  • Unique support for the arches of the foot
  • Lifetime guarantee - the support will never flatten or wear out.
  • Suitable for wide range of footwear types
  • Available in Individual sizes for maximum comfort and effectiveness.
  • Easy to fit - unique slim profile needs no trimming.
  • 100% machine washable.
  • Antimicrobial odour neutralising agents provide lasting freshness.

The Science26 insole can be used in everyday shoes, running shoes, walking boots, and specialist footwear such as football and ski boots, cricket, golf and tennis shoes.


The scientific and clinical knowledge underpinning our insoles is exactly why health care professionals choose to use Science26 and why we are confident that Science26 insoles will benefit you.

Science26 insole users say....

"Thank you for a great product, prompt communication, and excellent customer service"
  - Tim Harahan, Engineer, after Science26 insoles cured his heel pain so that he could climb 'Half Dome' in Yosemite National Park, California.

"Can't believe that an insole made such a huge difference to the pain "

"The Science26 insole put my knees in a straighter position and improved my injury"

"This has been the first time I have had an improvement in my injury for months."

"They work! Support in the arches makes walking comfortable."